Logbooks going Digital

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Following a survey of certified IRATA member companies based in 65 countries, the decision was made to transfer IRATA’s paper-based logbook into the digital domain. 73% of the 423 global member companies who responded to the survey want only Certified IRATA Level 3 Technicians and IRATA member company representatives to verify logbook working hours. Level 3 (L3) IRATA technicians will be able to verify work hours regardless of whether they work for an IRATA member company or not.

IRATA certified members are required to ensure that their rope access workforce are supervised by a qualified L3 and want the same to apply to non-IRATA certified member rope access companies who are not subjected to audit by IRATA. Although the transition from a paper-based system to a digital system will be challenging, the benefits are clear to IRATA certified members.

  • Automated quarterly technician data
  • Improved integrity of logged work hours
  • Improved statistical data
  • Cloud based secure back up
  • Technician Information feed (safety bulletins, etc.)
  • App based incident reporting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective for technicians

The development process is well underway and external software developers are being invited to tender for parts of the project. IRATA has its own in-house skilled software development team and their primary focus is on the preparation of their internal systems for this significant step change. Data security, user authentication and reliability are key requirements for the new software application and a period of robust testing will be required.

In the meantime, an IRATA working group are agreeing policies and specifications using a purpose built web based digital logbook. IRATA will write to all of their technicians to explain the transition and how the system will work well-ahead of implementation.