Booking & Terms

The training courses take place in our own training facilities in Inverness.

*Note that for all IRATA training courses participants must be a minimum of 18 years old*

Our goal is to produce efficient and self-­‐reliant teams of skilled technicians. Rope Access training programs focus on rigging, access, self-­‐rescue, and team-­‐rescue using the highest safety standards of the industry.

The safety and efficiency of industrial rope access operations depend on our company’s commitment to successfully implement three key components:

  • A High Standard of Training
  • Appropriate Equipment
  • Experienced Supervision
Rope Access Refresher

This course is one day full training where all aspects of training will be given to refresh your skills. This complies with IRATA Training, Assessment & Certification Scheme. More details can be found on the IRATA website at

Rope Access Technician Level I

This 4-­‐day curriculum provides individuals thorough exposure to industrial rope access techniques and basic rescue principles. The course is mandatory for novices as well as those requiring a revalidation course.

Successful candidates will be qualified to work under appropriate supervision and will be assessed against IRATA’s criteria level I. Assessment takes place on day 5.

Rope Access Technician Level 2

You will have been at level 1 for at least a year and will have gained over 1000 hours of work experience on ropes.

Level 2 (again a 4-­‐day curriculum) focuses on more advanced rigging and rescue skills required of a Lead Technician. Self and team-­‐rescue skills will be emphasised. This is not an entry-­‐level course; it is appropriate for candidates with relevant rope access experience and training. Candidates will be assessed against IRATA’s criteria level II. Assessment takes place on day 5.

Rope Access Technician Level 3

You will have been a level 2 Technician for at least a year and will have gained over 1000 hours of experience at this level.

Designed for those candidates that may be responsible for the supervision, safety, and/or training of rope access personnel/Individuals. This course (again a 4-­‐day curriculum) will build upon advanced rigging and rescue principles gained in Level II. Emphasis will be placed on solving complicated job site challenges and the most difficult rescue scenarios. The latest practical developments and new research related to the industry will be considered. Candidates will be assessed against IRATA’s criteria level III. Assessment takes place on day 5

Where to Go

IATS Ltd – 16 Walker Place, Inverness IV1 1TY, Turn left at Screwfix and head straight for Edmunson Electrical, we are behind Edmunson. 01463 232817

When to arrive

Delegates should arrive on the first day at 08.30 hours for registration. Please come into the office to sign in on arrival. Delegates have 1 hour for lunch and finish at around 16:30 hours.

What to bring

You must bring 1 x passport size photos – required for your logbook and ID card.

You must bring your passport, driving licence or NI number – required for your assessment form. If you already have a Rope Access qualification, please bring your fully completed logbook.

If you are upgrading you must provide your up to date logbook on assessment day – if you don’t then you will not be assessed.

We recommend that you wear loose fitting clothing, a good pair of stiff soled boots and gloves. Rope Access Climbing Helmets will be supplied by IATS Ltd for the duration of the course.

Practial Exercises

Due to the physical nature of the practical exercises delegates are required to be in good health. It is the responsibility of the delegate and / or their sponsoring organisation to ensure that they are capable of performing the exercises without detrimental / adverse effects to their health. If in any doubt exists regarding your ability to perform any aspect of the course you should seek medical advice before commencement of the course.


The assessment will be carried out by an independent IRATA appointed assessor – the end result will either be a pass or a fail – there is no guarantees to pass given by IATS Ltd.

Drugs & Alcohol

IATS Ltd has a Zero Tolerance policy with regards to the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Course Costs & Payment Terms
  • IRATA LEVEL I:            4 Days training + 1 Days assessment -­‐ £665 + VAT = £798.00
  • IRATA LEVEL II:          4 Days training + 1 Days assessment -­‐ £665 + VAT = £798.00
  • IRATA LEVEL III:        4 Days training + 1 Days assessment -­‐ £665 + VAT = £798.00
  • One Day Refresher:      £130 + VAT = £156.00 (Free of charge to IATS customers)

Payments can be made by cash / bank transfer / debit or credit card.

Cancellation & Additional Info

In the unlikely event that IATS Ltd has to cancel any training courses, we will advise clients no later than 72 hours prior to the commencement of training. In this case the clients deposit will be refunded in full.

For clients wishing to cancel or reschedule courses please ensure to notify us 1-­‐week prior to the commencement of training. IATS Ltd will endeavor to accommodate clients to reschedule on the next available or convenient training course.

***IATS Ltd reserves the right to keep the deposit/payment if candidates cancel the course within five working days prior to the start date.***

In the event of cancellation please ensure courses are cancelled within the specified 1-­‐week timeframe.  This allows IATS Ltd the opportunity to reallocate the space on the course. IATS Ltd use contract personnel, as Instructors and Assessors, and we also need to honor their similar cancellation policies.

If cancellation is due to medical reasons, refunds will only be issued to clients who can provide a genuine Doctors Note that accurately reflects the injury or condition preventing them from undertaking training.

The Doctors Note must clearly indicate the Doctors name and also be received prior to the commencement of original training booking dates otherwise no refund in applicable.

Under no circumstances will IATS Ltd issue clients claiming refunds with backdated Doctors Notes.

If the above conditions cannot be met, then under The Freedom Of Information Act 2003, IATS Ltd reserves the right to verify the authenticity of Doctors Notes. If the Doctors Note cannot be verified then no refund will be issued.

Course payment will not be refunded if candidates withdraw from courses, fail or leave the assessment early.

If candidates are unfortunate to fail the assessment they will have to pay for additional training and the second assessment.