Cookie Policy

As part of our internet pages, we use cookies. You must consent to the use of cookies if you wish to use our web page(s). Cookies, also known as browsers or tracking cookies, are small text files that are added to your computer when you visit a website. They help websites to perform certain functions e.g. to know who you are if you log into a restricted part of a website, for shopping carts, and for tracking purposes.

Cookies are small files that can be stored on your hard drive and store specific information that can be retrieved by the server that has placed the cookie on your computer. The cookies used may be session cookies, which are automatically deleted as soon as you close your browser window, and/or cookies that are valid for a longer period. The information stored in cookies may concern, in particular, the login (your visit, if you log in), the date and time of your visit to us, the cookie number, and the URL of the website from which you reached our site.

The use of cookies allows us to recognise you and thereby adapt our offerings optimally to your individual needs and requirements. Cookies also make it possible to record the statistical frequency of retrieval of the various pages of our Internet presence and the general navigation.

If you wish to prevent the use of cookies, however, which has no influence over the performance of our promotions or other offerings associated therewith on our part, please adjust your browser settings accordingly before you use our pages. You can prevent new cookies from being accepted and stored in these settings. For further information, please consult your browser’s help pages or contact the producer or provider of the browser.

Deletion of Cookies

As a user, you can decide for yourself at any time which cookies you wish to accept or delete. You can adjust your individual settings for this yourself, right in your internet browser settings. You can either delete all of your cookies (Clear history) or limit yourself to cookies from certain domains. For further information, please contact the provider of your internet browser.