Basic Harness and Lanyard Awareness Training
IATS Ltd HSE compliant service provides clients with a professional and thorough Harness & Lanyard Awareness

Basic Harness and Lanyard Awareness Training

The services that IATS Ltd provides are designed to comply with the 2009 HSE Standards for PPE and 1992 PPE equipment at work Regulations.

In addition to this, IATS Ltd have close relations with local product providers and are on hand to answer any queries you may have and provide guidance and advice on many contemporary items of PPE available on the market today – we can help make sure you have the products and replacement items that you need, when you want them.

Basic safety harness training course, providing the knowledge required to meet the legal requirements of working at height and fall protection techniques.
This safety training course includes risk assessment, and awareness of potential hazards, assessment of suitable anchor points, operation of rope devices and methods of lowering or raising  a casualty using proven rescue systems.

The course also covers first aid and provides awareness on how to minimise the effects of suspension intolerance/trauma, and how to handle casualties when they have been recovered to a place of safety.

On successful completion of the course, delegates will have gained a basic knowledge on:

  • The various applications of fall protection.
  • Equipment selection, inspection and maintenance.
  • Suspension intolerance, an appreciation and where this plays a part in the bigger picture.
  • Rescue provision and application, basic theory on pulley systems.
  • The Hierarchy of edge protection.

Practical elements include:

  • Correct fitting of fall arrest equipment, use of fall arrest lanyards and inertia reels, application of work restraint and use of a temporary horizontal line and adjustable restraint
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